Motoretta TT FAQ

How much is the entrance fee?
The entrance fee is $2,000NZD per TEAM. Full team fees are due on entry

What do I get for my entrance fee?
Each rider will get a ride pack plus accommodation (three nights) and most meals (three dinners).This event is not for profit and administration costs are kept as low as possible.

How do I pay?
On receiving your registration we will contact you with details on how to pay.

When do entries close?
Entries for teams close  at the end of October. Should you wish  to enter a team after this date, you will need to wait until a team withdraws from the event. The organisers will make every effort to accomodate teams after this date but it is not guaranteed

What do we do for food?
Dinner on days one, two, and three are included.
Breakfast and Lunch will only be provided in remote places where bought food is not available.

What do we do for accommodation?
Accommodation for the days one, two and three are included in the entrance fee. Accommodation in Picton for the night before the MotoTT (the night of 21st April) and day four (the night of 25th April) is not included. 

What are the dates I need to remember?
Friday 21st April - Riders Briefing
Saturday 22nd April  - Day One 
Dinner and accommodation provided
Sunday 23rd April - Day Two
Dinner and accommodation provided
Monday 24th April - Day Three
Dinner and accommodation provided
Tuesday 25th April - Day Four

How much 2T will I need?
A scooter running a 3% mix will use around 3 litres of 2T. Consider buying 4 litres of 2T before the event.

Can I use an auto?
No. The MotoTT is intended as encouragement to riders to get their classic scooters beyond the level of a Sunday ride. 
By restricting the MotoTT to classic scooters we have leveled the playing field for all the riders.
We hope that the MotoTT revitalizes those old projects that have been on the back burner.

Can I use a PX or Belladona?
Yes. We allow ALL geared scooters ever made. This includes PXs, SIL Lambrettas, Vellocette viceroys and Frankenstein NZETAs with motorcycle engines. If you can build it and it has gears bring it! However if you have an SS180 in the shed and you decide to take the PX200 you're not really stepping up to the challenge.

Is this a race?
No. It is a challenge for you and your scooter. Speeding and riding like you stole your scooter is not encouraged. In fact, by speeding and making too fast time, a team can be penalized. Each day's route is calculated on an average legal travel speed plus rest breaks. Remember this is a long time in the saddle and each day is both mentally and physically demanding. Treating it like a race will only wear you out and cost you points.

What if it's raining?
We ride in all weather. We have unpredictable weather in this country so we have to take what comes, however in 4 years of the event we have had very little rain... is the clock ticking for a downpour?

I want to ride but what if I don't have a team?
Use the Facebook page to help find a team or contact us at and we can help place you in a team.

When is scrutineering?

There will not be scrutineering - it is up to the teams to ensure that their scooters are safe and up to the event. Please refer to the rules for what is expected of your scooter. If you want to risk being turned away at the start line without complying with the rules that is your choice

If the organisers see a scooter during the event that is deemed to be unsafe we reserve the right to disqualify the scooter from the event

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Contact us at or fill out our online contact form.