The spirit of the Moto TT is adventure!
As with all adventures, entrants are expected to enter into the spirit of the event. This includes being considerate and supportive to all other entrants, providing assistance and care if needed.

As this is an amateur not-for-profit event, do not expect a comprehensive set of written rules. Any behaviour that conflicts with the spirit of the MotoTT may result in disqualification of a rider or a team. Offensive, anti-social behaviour or any behaviour that puts others at risk will not be tolerated.




This event is not a race.
Nor is it a scooter rally. It is a very challenging endurance event that takes riders to the most remote areas of New Zealand over some of the roughest roads in whatever weather conditions New Zealand’s fickle climate sends our
way. For four days, riders will test their own stamina and

the reliability of their scooters. Not everyone will complete the mission, and those that do, will not emerge unscarred. Tired, battered and badly shaken, we cross the finish line more with a sense of relief than elation.
Given this challenge, it is important that you, your scooter and your team are all well prepared for what you will endure.


Our advice to you


punishment your scooter will take. You will need to carry extra fuel and oil for two strokes so make sure all your luggage can be securely tied on and that straps and bungees are in top condition.  
Check your tyres. Ideally you should fit new tyres for the event. Do not underestimate how quickly a tyre will wear out. A new tyre on the rear will be half gone after 1000 miles. If you carry a spare tyre ensure it is of a good standard.
Be prepared for breakdowns. Each team should carry spares such as spark plugs, cables, bulbs, levers and tools.

Choose your team wisely. You will be relying on each other so it is good to get to know each other’s riding styles in advance. Each team should carry a first aid kit with painkillers and some drinking water.
Wear decent gear. A good helmet, gloves, jacket with armour, riding pants with knee pads and strong boots that cover your ankles are all basic requirements that every rider should have.
Be prepared for rain. We have experienced some severe weather on previous events so wet weather gear is essential.
Prepare your scooter. Don’t underestimate the

Support Crew

Sorry, but there isn’t any.
The organisers accept no responsibility for recovery or transport of riders or their scooters. If you have a breakdown or an accident you will need to make your own arrangements to transport yourself and your scooter home. We recommend that you join the AA.

Support crew or support vehicles may not be used to support or carry equipment for competing riders during the event. Support vehicles may only be used for transport of riders and scooters who have retired from a stage.

The Awesome Volunteer Tour Marshals

(before the riders!) can be a significant challenge and the marshals will have exhausting days both driving and dealing with all manner of issues over the course of the event.  
In the event of a serious incident, the marshals may be called upon to provide assistance to those affected. This requirement will take priority over every other task.
The marshals are not responsible for planning or managing the event so please direct any feedback you may have to the organisers.

Tour marshals are essential for the running of the event. The marshals are all unpaid volunteers who give up their time to apply energy and enthusiasm to ensure the event runs smoothly.
There will be up to four marshals appointed for the event and divided into two teams. One team will be responsible for managing the start line, one team for timekeeping at the lunch stop and one to manage the finish line each day. The logistics of getting to the right place at the right time

Motoretta Tips

  •  Take it easy, ride defensively.

  • Figure out how to strap all your stuff on your bike before the ride starts, including an extra fuel can.

  • When packing your bike make sure you can get to your tools, petrol tank and oil easily without having to pull everything off the bike.

  • Work out your tools with your team so you don't double up.

  • We will be riding through some isolated parts of the South Island so include a First Aid kit in your team’s gear.

  • The ride is around 1600km so work out how much petrol your bike will use and budget for it.

  • If you were thinking of getting a GoPro this is a good excuse to get one. If you've got one bring it. Footage and photos will be collected at the end of each day to make a DVD of the event.